Becoming a Vendor is easy as pie at this great outdoor event!

Just fill out the form and a payment email will pop right into your email. If we have multiple vendors of the same type for the event you will be refunded shortly and let known you are not able to come.  This makes sure we only have one merchandise vendor of each product. For food trucks this does not apply!

There are some rules for any vendor type so please read them carefully to ensure we are both a good fit!

Once you have read the rules feel free to apply!

Each Event will need to be filled out separately!


Great Canadian Food Fight Vendor Policies

  1. SECURITY: You are responsible for the safety and security of your own products and property during all events we do not guarantee safety or security at any event. We do suggest having commercial insurance and at most venues it is required.
  2. REFUNDS: The Great Canadian Food Fight has a no refund policy on booked dates. In the event of a cancellation by us an alternative date will be provided to the vendor.
  3. VENDOR SPACE HOLDS: There are no holds it is first come first serve. If you want your space then book it! The only people guaranteed space are those who pay in advance this is due to multiple vendors pulling out last minute. It also helps us promote the event as we know who is coming ,so we can put you on some of the marketing materials to showcase your business. 
  4. MULTIPLE SAME TYPE VENDORS: We try to make sure vendors other that trucks are not competing with each other. This generally means that we do not have vendors with extremely similar products. For instance – We may have 2 jewelry vendors but not the same type of jewelry.  There will be no vendors of the same company name or with extremely alike products. If you apply and pay we review each application and if we have an alike vendor at that event already you will be refunded.
  5. VENDOR SPACE DENIALS: We reserve the right to deny any vendor we choose, you may be denied for an event for a multitude of reasons such as product suitability, display suitability, multiple vendors of your type or other reasons. We are a family entertainment group so we keep everything squeaky clean.
  6. POWER: Power is not available at all. If you need power it is recommended that you have a generator or speak to us about your power needs first. We do run one generator with limited power supply. Bring your own POWER!
  7. CAMPING: Some venues allow camping and most do not. To see if the venue allows camping or for our recommendations on where to camp please contact us via email at
  8. TOW VEHICLES: All Tow Vehicles must be unhooked and parked away from the event space or behind your rig. Most events will have a designated parking area for this purpose. This is to keep our events clean and tidy in the event space. The goal of the Great Canadian Food Fight is to look professional in all manners even though some of us are small operators we can still be neat and tidy.
  9. Garbage disposal will be provided by the Great Canadian Food Fight.
  10. Potable water may be available at some venues but you may need to purchase water from a local source. Generally during our setup process we handle water supply logistics for all trucks. 
  11. Bathrooms will not be available at all venues so you may end up having to find a suitable one on your own
  12. Food – We don’t feed you that is your own responsibility
  13. At each event we get a transient business license for the town we are in. This covers the show attendees for our events so there is no extra business license cost to you for the duration of the event. 
  14. Food event health plans are so much fun! So that’s why we do them for each event. any out of province food truck has to send us their last health report from their province. Any Sask local trucks must send their Sask health – Food vendor license. Most food vendors will be inspected at each event as Sask health likes to do that. 
  15. Some tons and cities require fire inspections for food trucks before operating at the event. These are generally done in the morning of the first day of the event which may mean you need to arrive earlier. If needed we will let you know.
  16. Insurance – Some towns require it some towns don’t so it is best to be insured if you are a vendor. 

Each event features live entertainment! 

The Jesse Lewis Hypnosis Show

The It’s Mr. Lewis Magic Show

Music all day long played over the speakers

Possibly more live entertainment! 

Frequently asked questions

How do you market the event – in a multitude of ways

Facebook video ads

Facebook Picture posts to relevant groups

Facebook posts to relevant groups

Event-bright events

Media releases – to local media

Radio interviews

And a bunch of other stuff!


What kind of pricing do you have for events?

What a question. I mean you want to know what it costs? Well I never…. $300 plus applicable $321. All said and done for each event. Some are 3 Day events and some are 2 Day events.

How many people will be at the event?

Each event draws a different amount of people, we market each event as much as we possibly can. We have over 20 years combined in the event industry. While no event has a guaranteed draw we do our very best to make sure people show up!

What kind of towns do you go to?

We go to almost any community that we can, provided we can draw people in. If there is only 3 people in your town we apologize but we probably are not going to come. However we also like to be in the TALL GRASS – an old circus term for smaller communities those towns are the ones we find have the best draws and the most fun. If you want to host an event in your community please fill out the form on host an event.

How many trucks will be there?

Under 10 probably between 5-9. we do not over book our spaces as we want our vendors to make money. For small towns a convoy of 30 trucks would be to much. For mid size cities we try to always hit 10 trucks but don’t always get them.

What kind of trucks and vendors will be there?

Our Founding cart will almost always be there:  The Holy Cow Food Cart

Generally we have trucks of various kinds, BBQ, Western Food, Fair Food,  Burgers, Hot Dogs, Fries, Desserts, Lemonade, Snow Cones, and other great food